humble beginnings

Tricholoma magnivilare, commonly known as Matsutake,  my favorite foraged mushroom.

Tricholoma magnivilare, commonly known as Matsutake, my favorite foraged mushroom.

I was given the awesome opportunity to forage for a restaurant in Wellfleet, MA this past Spring through Fall on Cape Cod. Michael and Jesse are a husband and wife who co-own an incredible little sea shack right on Wellfleet harbor called Ceraldi. While it is a sea shack on the outside, the inside is totally different. The second you walk in, a calm elegance comes over you. It is the vibe they've created with the help of the hum of the ocean, which can be heard when the door opens and closes. It is dimly lit at night with a bar that wraps around the center of the restaurant boasting front row seats to the seven courses that are plated in front of the patrons just behind the bar. There are also a handful, no more, of private tables for more of an intimate dining experience. Michael, the chef, makes sure to greet each party before it 'all' begins. He talks the patrons through the evening's menu, calling the farmers by their first names, and recalling a story or two about the farm, farmer, or ingredient. The experience is the same for the workers as it is for the patrons- it is thoughtful, beautiful food. 

While working at Ceraldi, the editor of an online food magazine came in and ate, and was intrigued with some of the more unusual ingredients on her plate, which were the ones that were hunted for, gathered, foraged. She asked me to write an article for the her magazine The Cook's Cook, and I would love to share it with you as it was published in the bi-monthly February/March issue. This article is the humble beginning of the wildgoods. I hope you enjoy it, cheers!

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